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Hawk by CrazyChickenWorld Hawk :iconcrazychickenworld:CrazyChickenWorld 6 0
My heart aches now that you're gone. Where did you go? Where did you hide? What have I done for you to disappear. I search this endless dying forest. No sounds come forth, Nor a trail you left. My memories are like the bread crumbs which would lead me back to you. But, it isn't you. The dreams, the dreams of you, with your blank stare, the smile of joy, leaving this world. You don't speak. Not a sound passes your lips. Why do you tease me so?
  Just one word...I don't care what it is. Please tell me you are still here, that you haven't abandoned me like a bag of cats in a river. I claw my way through my mind. I scream to know the answers. Set me free from this cinch sack of despair. Don't let me drown in the river of my tears. Answer me! Give me a sign! Why are you withering away in my memory like a dying summer rose?
 The seasons change. With each browning leaf, fluttering to the ground, your smell, your voice, your any proof of existence dies with it. Those memories I grasp
:iconcrazychickenworld:CrazyChickenWorld 0 0
Pitter Pat
Drip drop, the rain smacks the window
Silence encroaching,Eating sound in its path
The noise, pitter  patter on the roof
The noise that swallows you up in the dark
The cries, no one hears them
Only the potter pat on their ears
My heart beats with every rhythm of those drips
Gently breaking, slowly numbing, Go away
The noise, pitter  patter on the roof
The noise that swallows you up in the dark
Swallow me up, flood me, let me drown
Can't hear the screams in my mind,
Can't see what's in front of my eyes
Only darkness and the pitter pat against the glass
Millions of drops, Each drip, dropping
The noise, pitter  patter on the roof
The noise that swallows you up in the dark
No-one can hear my cries
I'm a drop, one tiny drop in the fast paced downpour
One pitter pat against the glass, One single sound in the silence
One short cry as we all pitter pat
We're swallowed up in the darkness
The noise, pitter  patter on the roof
The noise that swallows you up in the dark
We're drowni
:iconcrazychickenworld:CrazyChickenWorld 0 0
Shepherd and his Flock
I was sitting on the church lawn today eagerly hoping I could make one of those new fad bracelets made out of rubber bands. I had strong faith that whatever I did, somehow, without directions, that I could make a perfect one. I sat for a good half hour pulling each band onto the loom, making it pretty. One band popped off and flew right into the grass. I was annoyed that I had lost one and went searching for it. I had given up, saying that it was better off on the ground. I went back to making my bracelet with strong faith in my mind, when it fell apart. I didn't get mad or angry about myself. I had faith in myself and I tried my best without directions. But I refused to give up. I took a breath while putting my things away to read my Bible, when I looked down next to it. The lone rubber band I was missing was sitting right there next to my Bible. Just then I remembered the passage *Luke 15:4 "Which one of you, having a hundred sheep and losing one of them, does not leave the ninety-ni
:iconcrazychickenworld:CrazyChickenWorld 0 0
I've Met God
I met God. On an elevator. Her golden hair slowly falling out. Or was it growing back? A five year old girl full of energy and life. "Mommie Mommie, we go up!" she beamed. Her elven face brimming with joy. "Yes baby, we're going home," mama said. The girl was skinny; sick looking, but she clearly didn't feel pain. Leukemia? Cancer? They all bring about hair loss and lividness. 
"Mommie! We're going up!" she looked at me and when I admired her, I saw God. I saw God right in her tiny blue eyes. "Yes baby. We're going high up," mama said. Mama's appearance appalled for her child's life. "Baby, are you feeling alright?" Her child clutched against the window, her face pressed against the glass. "Look Mommie! We high up!" The little girl was entranced by the elevator soaring towards the sky. Unveiling only excitement like little girls should. 
Beep! Went the elevator as it arrived at a halt. "We're here!" Mama cried. The girl turned to me. "Mamma! Mamma! She's going even higher!" D
:iconcrazychickenworld:CrazyChickenWorld 10 7
Rainbow World by CrazyChickenWorld Rainbow World :iconcrazychickenworld:CrazyChickenWorld 61 14
A World So Different
His ice blue eyes stared out into the woods. Nobody shook his feathers and preened. Those baby feathers are always so itchy. A sound in the distance made him stand still and listen. The world he's been born into is oh so strange. A tiny caw and a flick of a wing; he stretched. As his wings were sprawled out, he felt the wind. What a beautiful feeling, it felt so good. So wonderful. So full of life. Nobody looked down below. He cawed for joy.
Little does he know pain, greed death…for he has just been born. He hasn't learned to defend, eat, and live by himself. And little does he know there are people that can be so cruel. He doesn't know the woods, the woods that are holding him in their arms, are dying. And the nice creatures down below are being hunted for sport.
In his eyes, he only sees beauty. The puffy clouds, the green Earth, and the rough barked trees. Our brothers and sisters are born the same way; with love for our mother. And as they grow up, they learn to fear the hands
:iconcrazychickenworld:CrazyChickenWorld 1 5
Divine Season
April Showers bring May flowers
And bugs and Birds that sing
The spiders dance while weaving webs
As gnats catch on their string
Spring has come, it's in the air
The leaves are turning green
The flowers sprout, the deer are out
It's such a beautiful scene
The rain has melted all the snow
The doves gather for the dance
Ducks and geese swim in the ponds
While rabbits hop and prance
Spring is filled with life and love
With animals of every kind
From big to small, from bird to fish
This season is so divine
:iconcrazychickenworld:CrazyChickenWorld 2 11
Dear Spiders
Dear Spiders,
I don't mind waking up to you crawling across my face, and a web attached to my bed. I don't mind you popping out when I go to grab my socks out of the drawer. I don't mind when you twirl around on my fan. I don't even mind when you make scary shadows on the wall when I turn on my flashlight. I don't mind sharing my water bottle with you. I don't even mind finding you food to eat as long as you don't try to eat Attikol, the moth. I don't mind if you make homes in my antiques. And I don't mind when I stick my hand in something and you grab hold of my finger. But…when you decide to move, could you please bring your cobwebs with you?
Sincerely, The crazy girl who lets you in her room
:iconcrazychickenworld:CrazyChickenWorld 20 38
Death and I
I hear a fiddle playing
Softly against the breeze
It gets louder as I approach
A cloaked figure appears
Appears from a mausoleum
The cloaked figure plays louder
His head on the fiddle
Death himself sways
Sweet music upon my ears
So entrancing I come nearer
A skeletal hand comes
Up from the grave
It grabs my dress and pulls
I trip and fall
Face to face with a skull
I scurry back
Clashing into the cloaked figure
The fiddle shrieks
And he, Death, glares at me
The skeletal hand disappears
Death goes back to his play
As I sit peering at him
Sweet, sweet, sounds
A longing for some more
My heart beats to it
The skeletal figures appear once more
The sod slipping from their bones
Each one sways to the rhythm
And grabs their neighbor's hand
Oh, how I want to join
I get up and look at Death
His fiddle disappears
But the melody kept playing
Haunting music carried by air
Playing within my soul
He stretches out his hand
Bleach white bones in the moonlight
My peach skin takes hold
He entices me neare
:iconcrazychickenworld:CrazyChickenWorld 7 13
Music and Words by CrazyChickenWorld Music and Words :iconcrazychickenworld:CrazyChickenWorld 32 34
The Moon's Fate
Have you ever wondered?
If the new moon really was a new moon?
Where would the old one go?
I believe the old moon dies
Sprouting a tiny seed
The seed grows
And while it grows
The new moon eats the old one
That's why the full moon
Gets smaller every day
The seedling is making bite marks
Last quarter
Until there's nothing but black sky
And why don't we see the seedling?
It's so far away
Smaller than the stars
Hidden by Earth's shadow
Nothing but black sky
It grows
First quarter
There it is
The seedling
Is now a "full" moon
:iconcrazychickenworld:CrazyChickenWorld 0 4
Bottles by CrazyChickenWorld Bottles :iconcrazychickenworld:CrazyChickenWorld 49 13
The Meaning of Life
How do you know if he's the right one?
The one you share everything with
The one you'll marry
The one you spend your life with
How do you know you have the right job?
The one God sent you to do
The one you'll enjoy
The one that will fulfill your dreams
How do you know you're on the right path?
The one that will lead to eternity in God's arms
The one full of happiness
The one with less danger
How do you know what's you?
What you should wear
How you should act
How to keep your head held high
How do you know what's wrong?
What's right?
What's the past?
What's the future?
How do you know your end?
How long will you have
When will you go
What are God's plans
But that's it
Maybe it's for God's eyes
We're not supposed to know
Maybe, that's the meaning of life
:iconcrazychickenworld:CrazyChickenWorld 4 4


Petite by Roses-to-Ashes Petite :iconroses-to-ashes:Roses-to-Ashes 157 26 Rain Drops keep Falling.. by Roses-to-Ashes Rain Drops keep Falling.. :iconroses-to-ashes:Roses-to-Ashes 302 122 Model Shoot - Athenais 2 by Witch-Dr-Tim Model Shoot - Athenais 2 :iconwitch-dr-tim:Witch-Dr-Tim 6 1
My testimony of Jesus Christ
I know that many people doesn't believe in God, nor in Jesus Christ the God's lamb. You might not believe in what I'm going to write about, but I'm not writing to convince you but to share my testimony of the Lord. It is up to you to choose whether to believe in it or not.
Since I was little, I was a rebellious child. I enjoyed teasing my classmates, I even laughed along with my classmates at my best friend, I lied, stole things, all and all hideous stuffs that a bad kid would do. When I grew up to be a teenager, I was no better than when I was a kid. My temper got shorter and shorter as I spend my terrible years of highschool. I've been through a lot of horrible stuffs that I prefer not to talk about.
But somehow I did have hope in God, I always knew that someone who is very powerful controlling everything we do and anything that happens to us. I started to know about Jesus Christ when I came to Russia. I remember once, I watched a movie that was portraying the Passion of Christ. At t
:iconserahserrin:SerahSerrin 250 202
Jesus my saviour,
Jesus my light,
Keeps me going through the night,
All his love that holds me tight,
All through this special life.
For fills my love,
For fills my dreams
For fills my ambitions & my needs.
:iconhuggomuffun:huggomuffun 133 47
You are the first
You are the last
You are the present
You are the past
You are my soul
You are my light
You are my life raft
You are my knight
New mercies each day
You have given to me
Because of You
I believe
Even though
I miss the mark
And sin pulls us
Farther apart
You make me strong
You never let me go
I know this because
You love me so.
:iconpysk:Pysk 535 281
God's Love Letter to You
The words you are about to experience are true...
They will change your life if you let them,
for they come from the very heart of God
He loves you,
and He is the Father you have been looking for all your life

This is His love letter to you:
My child,
You may not know Me, but I know everything about you Psalm 139:1
I know when you sit down and when you rise up Psalm 139:2
I am familiar with all your ways Psalm 139:3
Even the very hairs on your head are numbered Matthew 10:30
For you were made in My image Genesis 1:27
In me, you live and move and have your being Acts 17:27-28
For you are my offspring Acts 17:28
I knew you even before you were conceived Jeremiah 1:4-5
I chose you, when I planned creation Ephesians 1:11-12
You were not a mistake,
for all your days are written in my book Psalm 139:15-16
I determined the exact time of your birth,
and where you would live Acts 17:26
You are fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm 139:14
I knit you together in you mother's wom
:iconsaykha:saykha 406 501
God created the earth by couboo God created the earth :iconcouboo:couboo 2,525 1,056 Overdose on Music by hourglass-paperboats Overdose on Music :iconhourglass-paperboats:hourglass-paperboats 11 4 Tight-Rope by StephiPhotography Tight-Rope :iconstephiphotography:StephiPhotography 41 10 Wild Mouse by StephiPhotography Wild Mouse :iconstephiphotography:StephiPhotography 465 151 My Beagle is growing by Non-Smoking My Beagle is growing :iconnon-smoking:Non-Smoking 4 0 Oreo cookie trap for Santa by Cat-n-White Oreo cookie trap for Santa :iconcat-n-white:Cat-n-White 74 40 Stelle di Trapani by klapouch Stelle di Trapani :iconklapouch:klapouch 259 38 Percy the Pumpkin by TommyAlexDay Percy the Pumpkin :icontommyalexday:TommyAlexDay 19 8


Was away for quite a while not really taking a break from here. I'm back now, and I won't be sending thank-you's to everyone anymore. I'm keeping it as simple as possible, or I feel like I'll disappear from here again...and hibernate...for a longer time.... Anyhoo

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Artist | Professional | Photography
United States
*Please don't use my artwork and call it your own. Some of my things I've created throughout the years have been stolen and had other peoples' names on them. And some of my artwork was destroyed by other people. Thank you for understanding and enjoy my artwork <3

"No, this is how it works
You peer inside yourself
You take the things you like
And try to love the things you took
And then you take that love you made
And stick it into some
Someone else's heart
Pumping someone else's blood"
~Regina Spektor-On The Radio

Favourite genre of music: pop/rock
Favourite style of art: Photography
Favourite cartoon character: Rainbow Dash



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